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Establishing Compliance Plans In Managed Care

HIPPA compliance in billing and managed care requires both a careful set up and consistent maintenance. With a focused investment of staff’s time and research, your facility’s administration will develop a precise and compassionate compliance plan that will both meet the requirements for audit and leave your staff the resources and attention they need to deliver stellar patient care.

Ensuring Peace of Mind: Asset Protection for Elders

Throughout life, priorities and needs will change, especially as you enter your golden years. Safeguarding your hard-earned assets is essential in order to ensure a comfortable, worry-free future. Elder’s asset protection is a component of elder law that not only secures your legacy, but also shields you from potential financial exploitation.

Collaborative Divorce: Working Together, For Everyone’s Good

Separation and divorce are never easy, and can quickly turn into complex and contentious court proceedings. For partners looking to part ways on their own terms, collaborative divorce can serve as a more peaceful alternative. During this process, terms are reached through independent intercession and negotiation to keep the control over your family’s future out of the courts, and in your own hands.